Prescription Eyeglasses: Find the Best Frames for You

When you need prescription eyeglasses, it is important to find frames that will suit your needs. Frames can be a very personal choice, and some individuals have more trouble finding the right frame than others. If prescription eyeglasses are necessary for you, then this blog post is here to help! We will address what to look for in a prescription eyeglass frame so that you can get the perfect pair of glasses with ease.

What is the best frame shape for my face shape?

Different prescription eyeglass frame shapes will suit different face shapes. It is important to find frames that flatter your natural features the most. Frames with a low bridge and large lenses are best for individuals with high cheekbones, while small or narrow-sized prescription eyeglasses work well on people who have round faces. Almost anyone can wear oval-shaped glasses!

What do I need in my prescription eyeglasses?

When you order prescription eyewear online, it's important to remember what exactly you want in your new pair of prescription glasses. You should examine whether or not you will wear sunglasses often when choosing which type of lens to go with (polarized lenses are great if you plan on wearing them outside often). You also want to make sure that your prescription eyeglasses will work for the activities you enjoy most (i.e., sports, reading).

What lens options do I have?

There are a few different varieties of prescription lenses and coatings - each gets designed for specific purposes:

  • Single Vision Lenses: These prescription glasses provide clear vision at all distances without correction for near and farsightedness. They can be made with or without an additional prescription strength which provides even more clarity while looking through them. This type of prescription frame works best for people who need simple single vision glasses.
  • Progressive Addition Lenses: These types of prescription glasses provide clear vision at all distances with prescription eyeglasses that have a gradual increase in prescription strength from the bottom of the lens up, rather than just one prescription throughout. They are perfect for people who require additional prescription lenses or want to see perfectly while looking through their prescription sunglasses.
  • Bifocal Lenses: These types of prescription frames allow you to look through two different prescriptions; one part is for nearsightedness, and the other is for farsightedness. At the same time, the other is explicitly set for distance viewing. This type of prescription frame works best for individuals who need bifocals but still enjoy wearing sunglasses often.
  • Multifocal Lenses: Lastly, these glasses have lenses of two different prescriptions, one for distance viewing and the other to correct near or farsightedness. This type of prescription frame works best for people who need multifocal prescription sunglasses. However, they are ideal if you only want to wear your prescription eyewear indoors.

How to find the right prescription for your eyeglasses?

To find the prescription that's right for you, take your prescription glasses to your local optician or eye doctor. They will be able to assess what prescription lenses will best suit you and help you choose which type of lens is most comfortable (i.e., single vision, bifocal lenses). If needed, they can also modify these eyeglasses online prescription to make sure it perfectly fits your specific needs!

Now all you require is to sit back and enjoy finding the perfect pair of prescription eyeglass frames! With these tips on hand, we know choosing framed glasses won't have to be a difficult task anymore! Remember - don't forget about coatings when ordering new glasses, as well as sunglasses.