Anti glare coating helps to improve vision, reduce eye stress and make your eyeglasses look more appealing. It is also called Anti-reflective (AR) coating and is highly beneficial due to its ability to eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eyewear lenses. It optimizes the visual acuity with lesser distractions.   It is especially useful for high-index lenses because these lenses reflect more light than regular lenses. It reduces light transmission which results in improved vision, making things more perceptible to you and makes your eyes look more attractive.


Anti-scratch coating is applied to upgrade the hardness of the surface of your eyeglass. It is specially created to meet the challenges posed by high-traffic applications and to maintain the finesse of smooth surfaces with its anti-scratch properties. You can use a paper towel to clean it, or carry it in your bag without a case and even if it drops out of your hands, the lenses will remain scratch-free and intact with an anti-scratch coating.

Photochromic Lens

The photochromic lens is also called light-adjusting lenses because of its property to adapt to changing light conditions. When you are indoors a photochromic lens will be clear and when you are outdoors and the lenses get exposed to sunlight will darken automatically. It provides a sunglasses effect.

Color Tint

Colored or tinted lenses stay in style all the time. They can complement your summer look; less tinted eyeglasses can be useful for various important purposes. A tinted lens can protect your eyes from the UV rays too. Tinted lenses can strain blue light radiation to the optimum level, so the objects with high contrast and colors appear natural. You can get the lenses and frames customized here at 10dollarglasses, from shade down to the color.